Best practices of international licensing agreements IN ENGLISH

La propriété intellectuelle est plus que jamais au cœur de la stratégie des entreprises. L'IEEPI vous accompagne avec son offre de formation novatrice



Licensing strategies
• What is meant by a licensing strategy?
• Licensing-In/-Out/Cross and Patent Pools
• To license or not – Why licensing?
• Understanding the parties & interests at stake

Preparation of the proposal
• Non-disclosure agreements – confidentiality
• Letter of Intent / MOU

The anatomy of a licensing agreement – Typical clauses
• Exclusive, non exclusive, cross-license
• Duties of licensee and licensor
• Identification of parties – Definitions
• Grant – Restrictions – Technical assistance
• Indemnification – Improvements
• Confidentiality – publicity
• Termination – Alternative Dispute Resolution

Licensing negotiation practices
• Prepare for negotiations: terms to be avoided and parts to negotiate, negotiation team, assessment of the positions
• Royalties and upfront royalties
• Different negotiation tactics
• Specific national practices

License Drafting Workshop: Drafting international technology licensing agreements
• Preparation of a negotiation agreement
• Example of licensing agreement

Post-licensing management
• How do you prevent and / or manage future disputes?
• Renegotiation, audit, litigation


• Identifying the different licensing strategies.
• Providing the key features of a contract, the validity conditions and how to structure them to prevent or manage dispute resolution after the contract signature.
• Understanding strategic and contractual issues raised by the entry into licensing agreements
• with academic institutions or companies.
• Getting the key elements to take into consideration for a win-win negotiation.
• Knowing the best ways to deal with disputes when deals go wrong.


Having experience in technology licensing.

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