Fostering and developing global Talent (Certificat)

To succeed in developing talent on a global scale.



Fostering and Developing Global Talent
Strategy - New tendances
What's new about strategic management?
Analyzing: 2 dominant models, one new way to think
The strategic and decision process
Blue ocean strategy
Talent management
HRM, strategy & talent: New frontiers
Evolution of working environment and its impact on talent management and talent development
Process to build a talent management strategy
Digitalisation in HR practices and systems for talent management and development
Identifying and nurturing future leaders
Implement the individual development plan
Developing high potentials - Corporate universities
Leadership competences for the future
How organisations develop these competences through the corporate universities
Design thinking
HR design thinking : methods, tools, experimentation


Acquire a view of HR as contributing to business value through talent stewardship and get acquainted to talent management tools


At least 5 years working experience
English proficiency

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Cette formation est pour moi

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