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  7. Global Strategic HR and Managing Abroad (Certificat)

Global Strategic HR and Managing Abroad (Certificat)

To develop global HR management strategy across culture.



Aligning Strategic HR with Business - 4 Days

Managing in a strained, global environment: the dynamics of our economy today
Linking business and HR strategies: strategic Human Resource management
Emotional intelligence: ComProfiles interpersonal communication

Organizing, integrating and transforming - 5 Days

Organizational development - Human Resources development
International partnership and mobility management
Internal communication, social networks and HR marketing
Women in transformation

Managing across Cultures and International Social Relations - 5 Days

International Labor Office: nation membership, standards, rules
International social relations, european collective work relationships
Restructuring across borders, cross-cultural relationship management


Provide insight and understanding of world-class International HR practices.
Identify and analyze key international HR challenges and solutions.
Enhance participants' competences in global, distributed and complex environments.
Manage HR across cultures and international social relations.


Qualified applicants should possess:

-At least 5 years working experience
-A University Master's Degree
-English proficiency

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Cette formation est pour moi

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