HR Strategy and international develoment (Certificat)

To align strategic HR with business for sustainable performance.



HR Strategy and International Development
Introduction IHRM + Business challenges
From crisis to chaos!
The world economy looks more and more like a "blackbox"
Linking business and HR strategies
6 Business challenges
Organisation consequences
The 3 dimensions for a good HR strategy
HR maturity model
Review AuditoR'H
HR transformation
Drivers of HRM transformation
Transformation model
Business case
Social Risk management
Risks and challenges: what are we talking about?
Legal framework
Risk control : models, methods & tools


Position HR management at a strategic level, contributing to business strategy and creating value for all stakeholders


At least 5 years working experience
English proficiency

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Paris 3 000 excluding VAT 4 jour(s)
Cette formation est pour moi

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