Leadership HR and change (Certificat)

To develop global HR management strategy across culture.



Leadership HR & Leading Change
Personal leadership
About team leadership
The leadership attributes
Manager vs. Leader
Leadership mindset: What is the target behing the constraint?
Leadership and change in M/A
Managing merger and acquisition
Process, risk, HR consequences
Sustainable leadership
Vision: "What"?
Vision: "How"?
Organize: build, cascade...
Drive: Speak!... But put your people ahead
Change management
Business case for change
Change process
Change vs. Transition
Resistance to change
Steering a change project


Gain awareness and integrate interpersonal relationship principles and models in international contexts
Understand personal and collective change dynamics, principles and models applying them to human resources management and business transformation projects


At least 5 years working experience
English proficiency

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Paris 5 000,00 euros excluding VAT 7 jour(s)
Cette formation est pour moi

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