Master KTT (Knowledge and Technology Transfer)

IEEPI proposes to take a Master 2 curriculum on Knowledge and Technology Transfer (KTT) delivered by University of Strasbourg in partnership with Solvay Brussels School.



• Module 1: Fundamentals of KTT management
• Module 2: Analysing the market and building a strategy
• Module 3: Contractual aspects of TT
• Module 4: Negotiation and communication
• Module 5: Valuation and exploitation of intangible assets
• Module 6: Litigation and entrepreneurship


• Delivering a high quality training covering the whole scope of technology transfer activities for professionals with significant experience and to newcomers.
• The training covers all skills required for activities related to knowledge and technology management, Licensing in and Licensing out.


Titulaires d’un Master 1 ou équivalent + 3 années d’expérience professionnelle.

Diplôme visé

Master 2 « Knowledge and Technology Transfer »

Cette formation est pour moi
Strasbourg, Brussels N.C N.C.
Cette formation est pour moi

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