Technology transfer market analysis and strategies IN ENGLISH

La propriété intellectuelle est plus que jamais au cœur de la stratégie des entreprises. L'IEEPI vous accompagne avec son offre de formation novatrice



Analysis of the technology
• Diagnostic phase: assessing transferability readiness
• How to measure the quality of the patent?
• Ranking and clustering your invention portfolio by quality and technology

Identifying potential buyers
• Methods for detecting and selecting strategic partnership
• Manage efficiently the relationships

Building a market for intellectual property, best practices
• TT and licensing landscape
• Technology and IP marketplaces: selecting the most suitable
• Global trends in technology marketing and IPR management

Exploitation strategies
• Contract research
• IP protection and licensing
• Due diligence
• Spin-off creation
• Financing
• Design a TT-strategy within a given budget


• Be able to detect the markets and trends for intellectual property commercialisation.
• Master the evaluation process of a patent and of a patent portfolio.
• Manage the IP exploitation strategies (contract research, IP protection and licensing).


Having an experience with technology transfer.

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